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DAMINKA N (2008) 1m67
Numero Uno x Corland x Nimmerdor



Daminka jumped in the international jumping sport after having a foal when she was 4y old, she ended her carreer as a 7y old due to injury. She jumped CSI 1m30 with Glenn Knoester at that age. Daminka was put in for breeding afterwards. Daminka is mother to
-Hollandsglorie (2012) s. Spartacus Auction young sporthorses Dronten 2015 - CSI 1m25 AM/JUN (FR)- I. Lagrot
-Minka DV (2017)  s. Glasgow vh Merelsnest sold NL
-Narcos (2018) s. Aganix du Seigneur foalauction Brabant
-Ori Duinveldt (2019) s. Jenssen VDL foalauction Asten


Daminka herself is the full sister of Aminko N, the winner of the London Masters 2014 with Bertram Allen.
Aminko N was succesful on 1m60 level 9e CSI5*-W 2013 London-Olympia (GBR) (1.50m); 10e CSI5*-W 2014 London-Olympia (GBR) (1.50m); 2e CSI3*, 2015 Villach Treffen (AUT) (1.45m); 3e CSI3* 2014 Millstreet (IRL) (1.45m); 3e CSI5*-W 2013 London-Olympia (GBR) (1.40m); 1e CSI5*-W 2014 London-Olympia (GBR); 

Daminka is also the half sister of Frijminko N (Carthino), who competes on international CSI ** GP's 1m45 with Manfredi Macchiarella. Also Eminko (Ustinov) is a halfbrother of Daminka, jumping CSI juniors 1m30 with J. Kral (NED). Also halfsister Zieminka N jumped up to CSI 1m40 with Martin Neergaard (SWE). Another halfbrother Gaminko N won the puissance at Dufton Agro show in the UK with Katy Bannon.



Her grandmother Eminka is the sister of the 1m60 GP horse Kyminka of Guancarlo Guastella
& Eminka herself is mother of
-Nyminka: mother of Enorm M CSI 1m45 Kars Bonhof, Friar M CSI 1m55 Caitlin Creel;
grandmother of Hyminka CSI 1m45 Marcel Marshall
-Reiminka: mother of Cyrano approved Stallion; grandmother of Glendale (appproved) 1m45,
                  Esminka CSI 1m40

-Zerminka: mother of Lumberjack vd Bucxtale approved BWP
-Bieminko: approved stallion by Viento Uno


Her 3d mother Zyminka is is the sister of 1m50 ISJ Aminka and 1m60 ISJ Ego
& the mother of
-Jodokus approved stallion by Ramiro
-Myminka: mother of Rambler VDL (CSI 1m45, approved KWPN)
                 & De Montsec VDL (CSI 1m45, approved KWPN

-Uminka Est: mother of Coco Bongo Boy approved stallion
                      level 1m60 & Valerius approved Wesf

Her 4d mother Viola
She is mother of:
Topas (KWPN approved)

and the grandmother of
-Limminka f. Topas CSI 1m60
-Beauminka f. Jodokus CSI 1m60

-Atlantis f. Andiamo CSI 1m60
- PMH Polyanna f. Marius Claudius CSI 1m50


Ori Duinveldt                                               Narcos                                                               Ori Duinveldt                                                   Hollandsglorie

Aminko N                                                                            Eminko N                                                                    Frijminko N

Aminko N


Coco bongo Boy                                                             Jodokus                                                                          Beauminka- Abdel Said

friar m.png

Beauminka Abdel Said                                                      Friar M- Caitlin Creel

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