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Daiquiri v. Balou du rouet
REFRADIN (1998) 1m73

Lancelot x akteur x cadmus xxx

- 2nd mother is a 'keur,preferente, prestatie' mare Unette v. CadmusXX. She is the mother of Insulcon Cracker who won the VSN-trofee, Poulidin who succesfully jumps 1.40m in the USA, Bunnette. V. Le Mexico (CSI 1.40m) who is the mother of the approved stallion Chapucero La Silla..., also approved KWPN stallion Mondriaan and the international dressage horse Charly v. Akteur


- Her mother Dfradin v. Akteur is a KWPN 'star' mare and mother of Sound of music v. Mr Blue (sold at Elite auction Borculo). She is also the sister of Hfradin: grandmother of BWP approved stallion Castro van de Rostal and Harena van de Rostal (Fabienne DAIGNEUX-LANGE), and mother of BWP approved elite stallion Nagano v. Lux Z (CSI 1.60m) winner of multiple worldcups, won the Azian games in DOHA, Belgian national champion. She is also mother of Nina v. Burggraaf, who is the 3d mother to Binkie v. Larino (1.50m USA David Blake)



- Refradin herself achieved the KWPN 'preferent' and 'prestatie' label, which means her offspring are competing on a high level as showjumpers and on championchips. She is the mother of 'elite' mare Vallari V v. No limit, she received the KWPN sportlabel  3 times, which is extremely rare, in both dressaging at the highest national level, eventing up to international 2* and jumping international up to 1.45m. Refradin's second oldest offspring is our own Balou du rouet mare Daiquiri. She is a elite,sport, ibop mare and achieved a 8.5 both for scope as reflexes on the maretest. She's jumping international in the 7yr old classes.

- Younger offspring:
   Equino (2009) v. Numero Uno CSI 1m35 Jordan
   Hefra blue (2012) v. Zirocco blue SOLD
   L'amour d'or (2011) v. Cardento  SOLD
   Inov d'or (2013) v. Ustinov approved fo AES
   Olympus d'or (2014) v. Lux z    (3/4 bloodline Nagano)
   Petit Tonnerre d'or (2015) v Thunder vd Zuuthoeve BWP Auction

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