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What we do...



- Breeding
Our main activity is breeding. This has been a passion for both me as my father. We both have a preference for mares in the sport. 
Therefor we have the chance to breed with mares who I've jumped up to international levels. I believe in the success of this combination. We know the mare by heart which gives us the perfect eye to spot the right match in a stallion.
See 'breeding' for further information.


- Training riders: 
I have already been coaching from a young age. At the age of 15 I started helping out in a local barn with training and helping young kids ride ponies. That's where I found my passion for teaching. Over the years I developed my teachingskills by training myself and gaining lots of experience in training all sorts of riders and horses. These last two years I specialized myself in training juniors and young riders in national and international classes. Accentuating the technical part of riding and focussing both on the improvement of the rider as their horse.
 References: Noah Poos (Juniors 1m20), Kirsten Luyten (CSI Scholieren), Mirten Mertens (Junior 1m30), Marie Panis (CSI Juniors), Louise Panis (VLP ponycup)...


- Training horses:
Because we have a passion for breeding, we've always produced the horses ourself. Therefor I have a lot of experience in training and showing 4/5/6/7y old horses up to the bigger classes. Riding at Axel Verlooy's Eurohorse when I was a young rider gave me the necessary knowhow to school a horse on the flatwork and in between the jumps. I've been using all that experience to train horses from owners and produce them up to international level.
References: Dry Sherry (CSI LR 1m45), Orphe vd Karmenhoek (LR 1m45), Mali D'or (CSI 7y olds), High Quality J (CSI *** 1m45), Nespresso vh Laekhof (CSI 7yolds)



- Selling:

Also see reference.

If you have any questions or are interested in one of our activities, feel free to contact us.



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